Who is this for?

6x2x6 is designed for anyone who craves an experience that combines the adventure of travel with the comforts of home. While it’s specifically oriented to people who’ve set up their lives to work from anywhere, you don’t have to be working to join us.

How does this work?

Apply to join a tribe of like-minded members who share your same destination preferences. Once 6x2x6 configures your trip, you’ll exchange houses with each member on a pre-set rotation for the trip's duration. Tribe members connect virtually, on a regular schedule, to check in and share local information.


Why the name 6x2x6?

6x2x6 (say "six two six") is a formula for one version of our trips: 6 tribe members (times) 2 months per location (times) 6 locations. Since one of the locations is always your home, your total new locations is always one less than the last number in the formula. Other combinations include 5x3x5 (four unique locations over 12 months), 6x3x6 (five unique locations over 15 months), 4x1x4 (three unique locations over three months). 

What makes 6x2x6 unique?

We believe 6x2x6 provides travel opportunities that are virtually impossible to replicate. Our trips combine extended stays in stellar locations, local insights, and a virtual community–all for just a little more than it costs to stay home. We've tried to assemble trips like this by combining hotels, short-term rentals, and home exchanges but the logistics (and expenses) quickly become overwhelming. Plus, these options result in a more impersonal, isolated experience.

Where will I go?

We form trips that cover the world’s best destinations. Some of these will be obvious, others are off the mainstream radar. Each unique trip is configured based on member locations.

What are the minimum housing requirements?

You must have a house or an apartment in a location approved by 6x2x6. The residence must comfortably sleep two adults (and ideally have room for up to two children). If you have a vacation house or second home, you may use that residence for the trip. 

What if I rent (not own) my personal residence?

The answer to whether you can legally (and ethically) participate in 6x2x6 if you rent can only be determined by talking with your property owner or manager. 

How many people per location?

The maximum number of participants per member group is two adults and two children.

Can I share the tour with a friend?

Yes; there may be two adults per member group.

When will I find out who else is in the tribe and where they live?

6x2x6 curates the trips and tribes to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. Once we form a tribe, we’ll contact everyone to share trip details and confirm participation. 

How much interaction will I have with other tribe members?

You’ll have weekly contact with the homeowner, either through email or a video call (like Skype). This will enable you to tap into the homeowner’s knowledge of the area in which you’re staying. Every month there’ll be a video call for the whole tribe to touch base and allow everyone to share their experiences.


What is the cost?

The 6x2x6 trip fees are $295 per month for trips lasting more than six months and $395 per month for trips six months or less. This is equivalent to a couple nights in a hotel, except you get exclusive use of an entire residence. And of course there’s no need to spend every night in each location; you have the freedom to make side trips throughout the area. So a 6x2x6 tour (covering 10 months of travel time) is $2950. 

What expenses should I consider beyond the trip cost?

For peace of mind and to ensure the comfort of other tribe members, you’ll want to set up your house to be self-sustaining. To this end, 6x2x6 requires that you set up regular maintenance like yard care or snow removal in advance. Additionally, you’ll provide a complete housecleaning service at the end of each tribe member’s stay. As you move from house to house, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying each location without worrying about home care. 

What if I cancel before the tour start date? 

You must cancel a minimum of two months prior to your trip start date for a refund of your deposit.

What if I cancel during a tour?

6x2x6 is a unique blend of community centered around independent living. The success of every 6x2x6 trip hinges on collaboration between tribe members. If a member cancels during the tour, that member will forfeit their deposit. The remaining members will have the option to end their trip, or to work with 6x2x6 to reconfigure the trip. 


If I'm accepted into a trip, how long before the trip starts?

Trips will begin on preset dates; 6x2x6 will allow at least three months between acceptance and the trip start date. 

How do I get from location to location?

That’s entirely up to you (and dependent on the tour type). For our upcoming Western US trips, destinations will be no more than two days’ drive apart. 

How do I know my home is safe while I'm on a tour?

Building a community is part of the 6x2x6 experience. Over the course of the trip, you’ll develop relationships with other tribe members. Weekly check-ins will give you the opportunity to check on the status of your home. Furthermore, you’ll be reviewing your experience at each location and sharing this with both the tribe and 6x2x6.

Is customer support available while I'm on tour?

Each homeowner will provide emergency contact information for their home (like a plumber or building maintenance services). And of course, 6x2x6 will be available to answer any questions you may have during your trip. 

Can I talk to a 6x2x6 representative to ask additional questions?

Absolutely. Just use the form on the Contact page and we’ll get in touch with you.