Our initial trips are focused on the Western US, with destinations that include major cities and outdoor towns. We'll be assembling trips lasting from 2 to 10 months (with the duration determined by group preference and interest).


We're actively recruiting digital nomads who live in the following Western US locations:

Austin • Bend • Boulder • Crested Butte • Denver • Durango • Flagstaff • Ketchum • Los Angeles • Moab • Park City • Portland • San Francisco • Santa Barbara • Santa Cruz • Seattle • Sedona • Telluride • Ventura • and more!


If you’re intrigued by the 6x2x6 experience but the current options don’t fit your plans (or you live in Australia), don't despair. We'll be organizing all kinds of interesting opportunities in the near future. For example, a tribe from Western US cities can exchange residences with a tribe from Western Europe cities. To stay updated on upcoming trips, submit your email using the form below.